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posted by Terence Dick - December 21, 2006.

For those of you who will be stuck in Toronto over the holidays, either because you live here or you’re visiting, there are a limited number of art opportunities to be had. Gallerists, both public and private, have families too, so a lot of shops are closed from this weekend until the one after New Years. But rather than hiding in the manger from your in-laws, you might want to search out the godless stalwarts who choose to end the year with open doors. Just call first to make sure they’re there.


Harbourfront is always a good place to visit during the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Your non-arty friends and family members can enjoy the skating rink and hot chocolate while you check out the bounty of small exhibitions at the York Quay Gallery and The Power Plant. The kids might even get a kick out of Sally McKay and Von Bark’s interstellar cat puppet spaceship. The elders might like Lise Beaudry’s photo documentation of the Earlton, Ontario-produced Boler, a camping trailer that brings new meaning to the word “compact.” But be careful who you bring into Daryl Vocat’s life-sized pop-up book The Secret of the Midnight Shadow or you’ll have to explain why some of the Boy Scouts are in their underwear and have blood on their hands.


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