learn from other people's experience   the natural world is an excellent teacher   knot-tying is a practical skill
noise rhymes with boys   treat living creatures with respect   always swim with a buddy


Another Fun Idea

This body of work is comprised of a series of sewn blankets and screen prints with images derived from Boy Scout manuals. The images include various work and play scenarios, such as swimming, planting trees, and dancing. This work engages the viewer in a lively discussion on gender roles, tradition and the natural world. Boy Scout images are used to tell stories that have been left out or forgotten from the dominant culture. These images are intended to subvert masculine and heterosexist assumptions.

For example, in one-image two boys are knitting, working toward a common goal. Rather than playing with guns or trucks, the boys quietly knit, a pastime more commonly associated with girls and women than young boys. The project they work on values co-operation and contemplation over competition and aggression. At the heart of Another Fun Idea is the desire for a sense of wholeness and integrity that goes beyond the restrictions of gender expectations. It is a questioning of the old, and creating of the new.

Each print in this series is a 13 x 13 inch (33 x 33 cm) bleed, and is a three layer screen print on Stonehenge paper. All images are part of an edition ranging from 15-25 prints each. This body of work, along with a series of sewn blankets was created in 2003.

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