Banners in Sdr. Nissum
Banners in Nees


Banner Project

These banners were created on invitation by ET4U, Contemporary Visual Art Projects, based in rural Denmark. They were exhibited in neighbouring villages Nees and Sdr. Nissum throughout the summer of 2011.

This series of images, based on illustrations from clothing patterns, is a way of looking at the roles we play in our lives. By collaging drawings, diagrams and photographs from different sources I intend to look at the ways popular culture can dictate or describe our lives and behaviors. In this work I look at stereotypes of gender. In looking at these stereotypes I also intend to move beyond them, looking out at a larger world, and finding our common humanity. The figure and its appearance play and important role in this work. Each image is layered, revealing ideas beyond the surface, beyond a first impression.

This series is made up of 26 banners (13 double-sided), each digitally printed, 18 x 85 inches. This body of work was created in 2011. To see more images go here.

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