Most of the writing I do is do is for a punk zine called HeartattaCk that comes out of California. I've been writing a column regularly for HeartattaCk since 1998, around which point the zine I wrote with my sister, eightfold path, was laid to rest. The columns I write for HeartattaCk are generally quite personal ranging widely from topic to topic.

I have done my best to archive the HeartattaCk columns. Aside from a few likely numerical errors and a couple of missing columns the list is complete. As with all writing, these columns act as records in time, reflecting my thoughts and ideas at the time of writing. Looking back I see how my ideas have evolved or changed all together.

I'm republishing these columns here because I see them as an important and continuing part of my history. HeartattaCk reaches roughly 10,000 readers worldwide with each issue, much more than eightfold path ever did.

I don't get paid for this writing and get little, if any, response. The rare times when people respond to my writing they always seem sincere about their interest. I often question why I continue to write the columns and have a couple of ideas.

I keep writing because the music, and more importantly the ideas, I came across through punk saved my life. I think of all the people who inspired me with their zines and hope to be able to give a little back, though I can never really know how people interpret my words. I keep writing because I think it's important that we talk to, and learn from, each other continually.

I really enjoy writing and from time to time get the opportunity to write for other projects. I have gathered samples of this writing here as well.