Excerpted from Chris' Alt/Indie Gay Events List
April 21, 2003


Daryl Vocat held a reception last Thursday Apr 17 at Gallery X (in the
Xtra Offices Lobby) for his latest show "Another Fun Idea". Screen-prints
of his illustrations are on display paired with large-scale textile
versions executed on blanket-sized pieces of fabric. I've described
Vocat's work as "cartoonish", a facile term at best. Vocat's
illustrations have an economy of line that do indeed resemble, in the
broadest sense of the genre, cartoons; however, there is something more
sophisticated at work here. In the movie "Fight Club", guerilla
culturejammers replace airline-seatback emergency cards with illustrations
of people panicking and instructions on behaving badly in the midst of
chaos. Vocat does something similar, subverting a familiar idiom (boy
scout imagery) to present an unrelated, yet not unexpected idea
(homoeroticism) -- but with more subtlety. There is nothing overtly
erotic (homo- or otherwise) in the pieces, it's just a mood; "Noise Rhymes
With Boys" is particularly effective.

The screen-printing technique is almost didactic in its flatness;
infintesimally thin layers of pigment are flattened one upon another,
layer atop layer, to produce a work whose depth is nominal -- that of the
ink upon the paper. For his contribution to the "Drawing Attention" group
show (SPIN Gallery, Jan'03), Vocat produced an illusion of depth by
cutting out his screen-printed figures and suspending them in a shadowbox
above similarly produced backgrounds. Here, he has gone a step further by
rendering his works as applique'd textiles. There is a wonderful
tactility to the new works and "Another Fun Idea" might just as easily be
applied to the medium of Vocat's work as well as its content. Vocat's
show continues at Gallery X until May 2.

I must say that Vocat's reception was one of the better-stocked in terms
of food and drink (including the artist's own homemade hummous!) with a
table full of nibblies for every dietary regimen. With the Tom Bianchi
reception the same evening (albeit 2 hours later) at the nearby O'Connor
Gallery, artistas could be assured of feasts for both eyes *and* stomachs.