Artistic pop-cultural parodies
Published October 25th, 2006 in Arts & Entertainment

CORD A&E, Wilfred Laurier University's Official Student newspapr Online

On display at the Robert Langen Art Gallery is a collection of screen prints by artist Daryl Vocat entitled “The Translator’s Conundrum”. As explained by the artist, “The Conundrum asserts that art is a form of communication, and that a key element of creative practices is the act of translation.”

Vocat’s art explores flaws and misunderstandings in social constructs, the influence of culture and the varying structure of human relationships. Drawing images and phrases from popular culture and literature, the works “reframe [Vocats’] life experiences in relation to larger cultural markers, to insist that [his] existence is significant, and to understand mortality,” as the artist’s website states.

To properly translate the works the viewer must make the connection between the images and concepts to which they allude. For instance, the title of the work where crawls the lizard and the quote found on the lizard’s T-shirt is taken directly from an old Spiderman cartoon, while a gift from araby is a direct reference to some obscure Hootie and the Blowfish lyrics.

Through re-examining, manipulating and discussing images’ shortcomings, Vocat is able to turn the images in on themselves and expose an alternative point of view in an ongoing search for representational accuracy.

The bright colours captured within confident lines demand the viewer’s attention, while dealing with big themes in a fun and smart narrative. Vocat creates a memorable visual experience.

The exhibition is on display from Wednesday to Saturday from noon until five, October 18 to November 11 in the Robert Langen Gallery located in John Aird Centre.

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