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Allyson Mitchell -According to her bio, "Allyson Mitchell is a maximalist artist, writer, performer, filmmaker and teacher." Hmmm...that doesn't say much about how spunky or fiesty she is, or about how she makes giant fun fur lady sasquatches, or how she covers entire rooms with crocheted blankets that make your eyes freak.

Andrew Zealley -Andrew Zealley's work in audio encompasses film and television scoring, cross-media collaborations with musicians and non-musicians, and audio installations for gallery environments. In addition to publishing under his own name, Zealley also releases work under the name PSBeuys. He has published work as Greek Buck. He lives in Toronto. Zealley’s audio work is distributed by Art Metropole.

Art Metropole - Art Metropole, or "Art Met" for those in the know, was founded in 1974 by the artists' group General Idea. They specialize in contemporary art in multiple format: artists books, multiples, video, audio, electronic media, and so on. They offer artists' products for sale on premises and through this web site. They also publish, promote, exhibit and distribute artists' products in various formats. Shopping doesn't always have to make you feel guilty.

Barbie's Basement Jewellery -Toronto designers Robin Woodward and Ange Beever have created an exciting line of pop accessories for modern life and those who live it with humour and flair. Barbie’s Basement Jewellery celebrates individual identity and popular culture in a handmade, accessible, wearable form. Their stuff is so pretty it will make you freak out!

Carson Ellis -Carson seems to do all the illustrations art art for The Decemberists. She is a wizz at watercolour, pen and ink, painting, and pencil drawing. Her drawing style is gorgeous and inviting. That's not even mentioning how great her colour palette is! Seeing Carson's work makes me want to draw and take long fall walks.

Dallas Ning -Dallas is a recent graduate of NSCAD in Halifax. He has a huge amount of photography and other goodies all packed into to one very suave website. His work is very clever and deals with ideas of identity, sexuality, masculinity and pop culture to name a few. Just go look at the work.

Daniel Barrow -Daniel Barrow is a Winnipeg-based media artist, working in performance, video and installation. Barrow uses used an overhead projector to relay ideas and short narratives. He creates and adapts comic book narratives to a "manual" form of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings on mylar transparencies. He variously refers to this practice as "graphic performance, live illustration, or manual animation."

Dave Dyment -I was all dressed in black, Dave was all dressed in black. And then there was a whole bunch of audio art, some performance stuff, a few multiples, and also some photographs for good measure.

David Grenier -Grenier's work questions the genderedness and sexuality of spaces, places, things and gestures in order to call attention to the slippage or play that is present within their very production. He is waging a renovation, a process of reordering space and of taking or claiming space. Basically he's a Big, sweet gaylord who makes gorgeous work!

David Poolman -David Poolman was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario. He is an MFA graduate from the University of Windsor, and a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Working in video, print media, and installation, Poolman has exhibited in art galleries and screened in festivals both nationally and internationally. Poolman currently lives in Toronto and is a professor of Drawing at Sheridan Institute. Totally metal!

Derek-Amphibian Design -Derek has been wasting his time sitting in front of computers for 5 some-odd years now. His love/hate relationship with computer design slides heavy to the love when he can make people happy by making pretty and functional things for them - so this has ended up being one of the things he does when he's not being a cog in the machinery of the hit-record industry. Derek lives in Winnipeg and works hard to make the world a better place to live in.

Diane Borsato -Diane Borsato is a visual artist working in performance, intervention, video, installation, and photography. She has exhibited nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions and performances at galleries and museums including La Centrale, Skol, and Occurrence (Montreal), Gallery TPW and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) (Toronto), eyelevel (Halifax), TRUCK (Calgary), Saw Gallery (Ottawa), Artspeak (Vancouver), and a residency at Villa Arson, National Centre for Contemporary Art in Nice, France. Plus she puts things in her mouth.

Douglas Coupland -Douglas Coupland is easily my favourite writer. Well, not like I've read every writer's work or anything, but for what it's worth pick up any of his books and get going. It's really amazing to see how much he produces and produces consistently well. Oh, Doug you darling!

Duke & Bettersby -Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals in North and South America and throughout Europe.

Elisabeth Belliveau -Elisabeth Belliveau is a Montreal-based multi-disciplinary artist. Selected exhibitions include YYZ, Museum London, Art Gallery of Alberta, Galerie sans nom and Odd Gallery. Her animations have been screened at the St. Johns International Women’s Film Festival, Dawson City International Film Festival, Faucet Media Film Festival, Quickdraw Animation Society and EM Media (Calgary) and Articule (Montreal).

Finger In The Dyke Productions - Artists Dempsey and Millan have collaborated on performances, films, videos, publications and public art projects since 1989. Their provocative, humourous, feminist performance art pieces have toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, and their art video and film works have been screened in venues ranging from women’s centres in Sri Lanka to the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. So amazing! You love them without even knowing about it.

Fiona Smyth -Super cool all-around artist/draw-er kind of person whose work can be seen just about everywhere. Seriously, her work has been published by like a million different people, and she's been in like a bajillion art shows. Fiona is magical.

Go Vegan -Sarah Kramer is known for her sassy vintage style and layman’s approach to Veganism, and has been joyfully spreading the Vegan gospel to anyone who will listen. Appearing on national TV shows like Canada AM and W-5 as well as local shows like New Day Live, Breakfast Television and Go Magazine, she has also appeared as a guest on numerous radio stations such as CBC and NPR. Sarah also does live cooking appearances at festivals such as Word on The Street, Earth Save events and Vegetarian Conferences throughout Canada and the United States. AND she is originally from Regina. GO TEAM!

IPCNY -The International Print Center New York is the first non-profit institution devoted solely to the exhibition and understanding of fine art prints. Established in Chelsea in September 2000. IPCNY fosters a climate for enjoyment, examination and serious study of artists' prints from the old master to the contemporary. IPCNY nurtures the growth of new audiences for the visual arts while serving the print community through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs. -Loads of print-related links here!

Jon Davies -So, apparently no one puts a bio on their website anymore. I will now make some things up about Jon Davies. Should you run into Jon and wish to strike up a conversation, mention a movie. Any movie. Chances are he will have seen it and also know the history of each actor in it, as well as everything else the director has made. He is a smart cookie and will serve you Fanta if you go to his birthday party.

Kai Chan -"Growing up in China and living in Canada has informed the content and the technology of my work and the manner in which I present it. My work negotiates materials and borderlands across time and space. Using environmentally natural materials (e.g., rattan, bamboo, balsa wood) as well as discarded and recycled objects, I construct my works employing techniques that speak both of 'tradition'(my background) and 'modernity'(my adopted home) (e.g., basketry, wood joinery, hand threaded elements). Through research and making, I question and reflect on meaning in our daily living." -Kai Chan

Karen Azoulay -Karen's art is the place where seemingly out of nowhere there is magic, wonder and beauty. Or at the very least yarn and coffee filters. She's just moved to New York, so look out folks!

Koyama Press -Koyama Press was founded in 2007 to sponsor projects with emerging artists.The rationale behind the enterprise is to fund a project with the intention to promote the artist. Ideally there will be a product to sell to create revenue. In addition to publishing books, the company has financed such diverse projects as zines, comics, artist designed t-shirts, installations, photo montage work, print folios, letterpress cards.The venture has covered travel costs, reference materials, art supplies and the odd lunch. All proceeds from the projects go to the artists. Go Anne Go! She's always a pleasure to work with.

Lesbian/Gay/Bi Youthline -Since 1994, The Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line has been providing a confidential, toll-free and non-judgmental peer-support phone line confidential for LGBTQ and questioning young people in Ontario. If you are a youth in Ontario and need peer support call 1-800-268-9688.

Libby Hague -Can you say fun and whimsical art with crafty flair and DIY appeal? Libby's work is magical, delicate and beautiful! It's like children's books have come alive right in front of you. Plus, it seems like everywhere you go she's got another show on. SO FUN!

Lickin' The Beaters -Don't pass up dessert! Even if you are vegan or trying to eat healthy there's no reason to deny yourself sweet treats. Lickin' the Beaters brings you fabulous low fat, dairy free desserts where even the second helping is guilt free. Illustrated with beautiful lino cuts or zany cartoons, you'll find the recipes fun, easy to follow and so good you'll eat half the batter. DIY published vegan dessert cookbook.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places -a postering project/networking project for queer artists to collaborate, takeover and discuss safe spaces for queers in Calgary. Watch out for raucous public displays of radical queer affection, art and community in your gaybourhoodz beginning Summer 2007.

Mark Gervais -Mark Gervais is a Flash mastermind. If you haven't downloaded Flash yet this site is incentive enough. Gorgeous, stylish, chunky illustrations and animations that are so good they will make you cry, especially if you are in any way an illustration or graphics nerd. He worked on the NASA website, so you KNOW he's fancy. Take him snowboarding and he'll be your friend.

McSweeney's -This site is packed with fun and interesting articles and links of a literary nature. The bookish shall inherit the Earth! Dave Eggers and Co. are intensely productive fiends who run McSweeney's, 826 Valencia and The Believer to name a few. Who else can seamlessly combine a store for modern day pirates, a publishing house and workshop/tutorial space?

Miranda July -Miranda July is a filmmaker, performing artist and writer. She grew up in Berkeley, California where she began her career by writing plays and staging them at the local punk club. She wrote, directed and starred in her first feature-length film, Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005), which won a special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival and four prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Camera d’Or. July is currently working on a new performance. She lives in Los Angeles. But all that fancy-talk aside, her art is fantastic!

Nelson Henricks -Nelson Henricks was born in Bow Island, Alberta and is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art (1986). He moved to Montréal in 1991, where he received a BFA from Concordia University (1994). Henricks lives and works in Montréal. A musician, writer, curator and artist, Henricks is best known for his videotapes, which have been exhibited worldwide.

No Media Kings -Indie media publication information. Tips on how to publish and distribute your own books, videos and CD-ROMS. This page is packed with useful information and will keep you busy for hours. What are you waiting for, become the media!

Open Studio -Open Studio, Canada's leading printmaking centre, is dedicated to the production, preservation and promotion of contemporary original fine art prints. Open Studio is a comprehensive artist-run centre for contemporary printmaking practice, providing multi-faceted services, programs and information to artists and the public alike. As a national organization, Open Studio offers affordable and equal access to printmaking facilities, programs and services for artists from across Canada and abroad.

Peter Kingstone -Peter says, "Hi, I am a single channel video." Photo and video installation artist based in Toronto, Canada. He is constantly working on different projects and video ideas. His website will be updated as new work is completed. He wants your love and kisses.

Pinups -Pinups is a triannual publication that features one male nude pictorial per issue. There are no words—just an exaggeration of the classic centerfold. Each magazine exists in book form but can be taken apart and tiled to reveal a 32” x 70” image. The magazine is printed in New York. Created by Christopher Schulz. Pretty!

Queer Arts Resource -Queer Arts Resource was founded in 1996 as one of the first Internet-based arts organizations. Since that time they've produced over 40 exhibitions that suggest the range, depth, and importance of queer artistic expression. You can go directly to a little project I did with them a few years ago as part of an exhibition called Generation Q.

Queer By Choice(?) -A Daryl Vocat Web Project -Ruminating on sexuality, biological determinism and gender roles.

In a culture that bases itself on binaries I find it increasingly difficult to stake out an identity that I feel comfortable with.  From the moment of birth we are forced into a culture that attempts to define us according to its specifications: man or woman, heterosexual or homosexual, producer or consumer, and so on.  All of these categories deny human experiences and variations within them.  In reality, our lives constantly change.  What is defined now as one thing can have completely different implications in another decade or country...

Rob Clarke -If you like drawings of svelte gay men doing nasty things this will be right up your alley. And when I say nasty I really mean that Rob does potty humour like few others can. Twinks, trolls, bears, cowboys, clowns, plushies, ponyboys, gymbunnies, dogslaves, and big babies, Oh my! Perverts everywhere love Rob's art work.

Robbie Conal -According to a blurb by Robbie Conal on his website "[he] quickly realized that art institutions are a severely limited arena of reception for ideas about public issues, so [he] made posters of [his] paintings and ran around the streets, spattering glue in every major city [he] could get to on [his] no budget, non-skeddo, total loss, rock'n'roll poster tours...building up a volunteer guerrilla postering army as [he] went. Art for the people.

Roula Partheniou -Roula says, "My work is marked by a concern for marriage of material and form. Using familiar objects as a starting point, I carry out simple games using an object’s inherent rules and properties to transform them. In the spirit of John Cage, I am "imitating nature in her manner of operations" and revealing basic formal and mathematical principles in the process." Sound good?

Satan Macnuggit -Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts actively supports initiatives to augment and eventually replace corporate and statist models of media production, which separate artists from their audience and each other. We believe in "guilt-free" DIY as an interim measure while looking toward an organized, unified counter-strategy. Committed to independent creation.

Scott Treleaven -The official web presence of Scott Treleaven and the Salivation Army. Scott Treleaven is a Toronto-based writer & filmmaker. The subject and author of numerous articles and essays, best known for his zine-cum-film, The Salivation Army.

Scott Waters -Very spiffy art from a fellow who likes guns and birds, but not necessarily the two combined. Mr Waters makes the most homoerotic art you'll ever see from a "straight" guy. Sure, we have faith in his orientation. Wink wink. Seriously go here to see painting so gorgeous you will want to lick them.

Serigraphie Populaire -The Seripop folks design and print whackloads of fantastic screen prints. Their posters make me drool, and will probably do the same for you. In their own words "Hi there. We are Seripop. We design and print things. We also do editorial illustration. We like to work within the domain of "art-rock" , "hardcore" , "avant garde" music, progressive politics, independent theater, college radio and other neat projects that interest us." So there!

Shannon Gerard -Shannon is a comic book making machine and wiseass who seems to have a new project underway every five minutes. It's pretty incredible really. Have a look at her stuff, it's fun and sassy. Plus, if you don't, she will whip you with her hair of death. Uh...or something.

Shary Boyle -Shary Boyle is a wonderful artist whose work is mostly based on drawings of girls and women. She has created a world that is at once beautiful, magical and disturbing. Pointy hats, high heels, ships, tears, claws. Raw, tragic and fantastic!

Sholem Krishtalka -Sholem brings you this message. "My work is an attempt at self-discovery and self-locating...I am deeply interested in examining the intersection between personal and public histories. To put it another way, I wish to explode individual, personal narratives so that they achieve the scale and importance of grander social narratives." Then there was something else about being queer and going on a camping trip, but I cut that part out. He is also my art writing rival over at Xtra!

Shy and Free -Typically I find sites like this to be tedious, but it seems like there are a lot of resources here which could prove to be useful. "A personal growth site dedicated to transforming shyness into wholeness and happiness. Why are you shy? Perhaps your shyness is guiding you to someone and some things more wonderful than you can imagine. Maybe you are destined for deeper understanding, meaningful work, and mutually compassionate relationships." Let's hope so.

Suzanne Nacha -Suzanne Nacha is a visual artist engaged in the language of painting. Often incorporating sculpture and installation, her work seeks to make connections between our human experience of the landscape that surrounds us and the earth as a physical mutable body.

Sweetie Pie Press -Two words...Button lady. More buttons than you can shake a stick at really. If you want fun and pretty buttons, this is the place to go, if you need some buttons of your own made up for a decent price, look no further.

Toothpaste For Dinner -There are about a million little drawings on this site which is updated pretty much every day. Simple and nice. Soapbox style rantings and absurdity.

T-Shirt Slayer -"Share your devotion to metal band t-shirts, share with the world your rare t-shirt! Official or not, merch shots, anything goes! Upload pictures and give feedback on other band/tour t-shirts. WE WANT PHOTOS OF YOUR METAL SHIRTS!!!"

The Hidden Cameras -The Hidden Cameras are a band from Toronto that play "gay folk church music." They seem to be playing somewhere around the world all the time, they put on great live shows complete with go-go dancers, streamers, choir, viola, harp, participatory dance moves, and lots of other goodies. See what they are all about!

The Other Paul Butler -Paul Butler is the Canadian collage community's darling. Both crafty and nomadic Mr.Butler makes work that is easy on the eyes. The words "funny" and "thoughtful" come to mind. This site has loads of images. Paul rocks copyright infringement like it should be. He'll rock you too with his "Rocker" collages.

Turner Prize -Turner Prize is a Regina-based artist's collective comprised of members Jason Cawood, Blair Fornwald and John Hampton. Their medium of choice is performative photography; in their work, they challenge the nature of documentation, representation, presence/absence, and the relationship between art and reality.

Victor Romão -Victor Romão is a multi-disciplinary Canadian artist working and living in Windsor, Ontario. He is interested in a variety of practices which focus on sculpture, drawing and print media. He has partcipated in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand. He is currently creating narrative works based on his research of the uncanny, male violence and rural fears.