#14 Winter 2002-3
Volume 5, Number 3

Shotgun Reviews

Daryl Vocat Rules of the Playground at Open Studio 468 King St. W. Sept 12 - Oct 5, 2002
By: Andrew J. Paterson.

This exhibition immediately demands attention because its colours are loud and distinctive. These are the colours of athletes and men in uniform. Daryl Vocat blends screenprints and computer-enhanced image manipulations to create a virtual zone of competing masculinities. The violence demanded on the field routinely causes injuries that call for both medical attention and tenderness. Technologies, although seemingly more gender-neutral than contact sports, still retain their scientific and military (male) origins. Vocat reveals substantial facility at depicting this mutli-dimensional playground in which the boundaries between homosocial and homosexual are precariously in danger of becoming blurred. Professional and amateur male athletes, like other agents of the law, wear uniforms that accentuate rather than camouflage their bodily assets, making their private parts vulnerably public.