#16 Summer 2003
Volume 7, Number 2

Shotgun Reviews

Cary Leibowitz. Candyass: The multiples of Cary Leibowitz. Art Metropole 788 King St. Apr 3-May 17, 2003

By: Daryl Vocat

It's interesting to see different ways people live in the world. For some, it is imperative that vulnerability, self-doubt, and misery remain hidden. Others, like Cary Leibowitz, make art about anxiety and self-loathing for all to see. The work he makes is not so much about his specific shortcomings, but rather more of a comment about humanity as told through personalization and reflection. Leibowitz's show at Art Metropole, spanning over ten years worth of art multiples, included several sports-like pennants among the bric-a-brac. With proclamations such as "Misery Rules," "Drop Dead," and "Go Sadness" these sardonic pieces cleverly address and acknowledge that the world can be a really crappy place. Leibowitz, also know as Candyass, speaks truths through clichés and one-liners. His "I've been to Candyass, but I've never been to me" shopping bags offer a witty commentary on both homophobia and queer identity. One of the most powerful pieces in the show is a yarmulke in the colours of the German flag with the words "Thanks for remembering" written inside. This piece is the artist's velvet fist in iron glove. Leibowitz has no pretence of making beautiful objects; he deals with harshness in a clever way.