#14 Winter 2002-3
Volume 5, Number 3

Shotgun Reviews
By: Daryl Vocat

Lisa Deanne Smith, sweet at Luft 1192 Queen St. W. Sept. 4-22, 2002

The other day I saw Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" video and it reminded me of how amazing commercial pop can be. I was wondering how I could apply what I had learned from "Say my Name" to the real world and immediately thought of Lisa Deanne Smith's latest show, sweet. This show is a series of photos of people dressed in white lounging in a white room.

When I saw the installation that preceded sweet at Art System a couple years ago I was lulled into the tranquility of the all-white room filled with so many barefoot people drinking Pina Colodas and snuggling on a fun fur carpeted floor. It was pleasant.

It turns out the t-shirt from the Destiny's Child concert tour is very similar to Smith's photos with the three singers sitting around in white outfits. With the concert t-shirt and sweet show, viewers ache for the real thing, but are instead left with an expensive souvenir. Smith's photos are about stylish posturing and little else as fas as I can tell. Unfortunately they don't convey the same important message we can learn from Destiny's Child when they sing, "I am not the one to sit around and be played."