#14 Winter 2002-3
Volume 5, Number 3

Shotgun Reviews

By: Daryl Vocat

After a day when your slides turn out like shit, or your show gets lambasted, a facial might just be the pick-me-up you need. Here is a small sampling.

· Life Brand's Apricot and Jojoba Face and Body Scrub. This no nonsense product is a gently scented rather creamy lotion with tiny bits of apricot pit for exfoliation. Satisfying through and through.

· Montagne Jeunesse's Red, Hot Earth Anti-Stress Sauna Masque. This "self-healing red clay" masque is quite nice since it heats up as you apply it. I would certainly recommend it, but caution against expecting yourself to look like the photo on the package. The photo shows a very rich and creamy looking fuchsia masque while the actual product is slightly pink, a bit runny and transparent.

· Montagne Jeunesse 5 minute miracle Face Tonic. This masque looks and feels like a wet, blue paper towel, and while this is supposedly an anti-stress product I believe just the opposite may be true. This facial will leave your skin feeling burning cold and slightly panicked. If you have sensitive skin, are claustrophobic, or averse to strong smells, I would not recommend this product. If you are interested in extreme experiences then this is for you!