#14 Winter 2002-3
Volume 5, Number 3

Shotgun Reviews
Vegetarian Gravy
By: Daryl Vocat

At one point I had this idea that being vegan meant I would never have tasty gravy again. About eight years later I stumble across veggie gravy that actually tastes like the real thing, at Utopia Café and Grill on 585 College Street. From the very first French fry I was in love with this miracle food. While the consistently is a bit less than perfect, a few chunks here and there, the taste will make you drool, laugh with delight and make squeaking noises that both amused and alarmed the people at the surrounding tables.

I have since discovered a product by Hain called Vegetarian Chicken Flavored Gravy Mix. This gravy is a just-add-water marvel that is perfect for tofu potpie or baked potatoes. I would suggest this as a Christmas present to the people in your life who are adverse to the idea of giving up animal products. Another idea might be to switch this with the animal gravy when no one is looking. When they comment on how delicious the gravy is you can later stick it to them where it hurts and tell them its vegan.