Shotgun Reviews
Number 8, Winter 2000-2001
By: Daryl Vocat

Minimum Wage Kinky with Akiko, Karen Azoulay, Paul P., Lorenz Peter, Katherine Winchur, Ingrid Z and more at West Wing Art Space 1267 Queen St. September 7, 2000.

Minimum Wage Kinky was a group show about the eroticisation of minimum wage jobs and a celebration of DIY erotic production. Pulling off a smart, sexy and fun exhibition and art party is a hard thing to do, but Minimum Wage Kinky even managed to outdo West Wing's Moosino, a Las Vegas-Style tribute to the moose as Toronto's mascot.

Among the works that stood out: Ingrid Z's darkly humourous "Sweatshop Rock in Red, Yellow and Blue." Imagine a surveillance video of a Hamster running in a wheel to the tune of Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." Her "Red" piece included a performance in which she sewed fashion nazi armbands. Akiko's work included both projection images and drawings that look like something you might find in Skin Two magazine making Geiger comparisons inevitable. One piece even involved leg warmers.

The glamorous Karen Azoulay exposed her midriff with a Dominion shopping bag tank top that proudly proclaimed "we're fresh obsessed," while Paul P. wore a mask sewn out of tube socks. Hopefully the future will see more events like this coming from the West Wing folks.