June 26- July 2, 2003
Toronto, ON.

D Is For Dull [an excerpt]

By: Thomas Hirschmann

Defiant, the Pride show at Gallery X , is only sorta contrary; in fact, the most defiant aspect of most of the work here is that it doesn't succumb to gravity. A mess of pieces spill from the lobby of Xtra into an open gallery space. Textiles, painting, woodwork and photography line the walls, all blending into one forgettable blur.

There are, however, two clear standouts, both portraits. Daryl Vocat 's diminutive painting of a young man marks a departure from his typically strong prints. The subject, tattooed, appears at once sullen and strong, empowered yet still insecure.

Recent OCAD grad Kris Knight 's larger work is adjacent to Vocat's and quite similar in content. Again we see a young queer, this time more gender- neutral. The subject stands face on, in a white tank top, before a wilderness background. The eyes are the focal point: they're weary, lined with dark circles, yet fixed in a stare that is, yes, defiant.