All Will Fall
And it Can’t Be Helped
Against the Common Good
What One Does to Another
With or Without Reason
It Will Be the Same
Without Pretense (Nude)
Without Pretense (Clothed)
He Gives Courage
Why Hide Them?
This is How it Happened
Lads Making Ready
All This and More
Nobody Knows Why
This is What You Were Born For
Bury Him and Keep Quiet
We Shall See
They Spruce Themselves Up
You Understand?
Upside Down, in a Mess


Playing the Game

This suite of etchings uses Goya’s Disasters of War as a starting point. In referencing historical work dealing with the brutality of war, the images meet today’s world, discussing violence and representations of masculinity in modern society. Through their serial and repetitive nature, narratives of subculture, ritual and violence play out. The work acts as a dialogue with its source material.

I use Boy Scout imagery to discuss behavioural norms, sexuality, and the construction masculinity. These boys exist in the space between how they are expected to behave, and how they want to behave. They fumble through moral experiments while haphazardly staking out their own territory. These characters imitate the world, images and scenarios surrounding them.

Each etching in this series is 10 x 12 inches and is on Somerset paper. All images are part of a small editions. This body of work was created in 2011.

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