the big secret of dealing with people
the yellow wallpaper
summary of an epiphany
so, how do you want to do this?
where crawls the lizard
desperately seeking symbiosis
kind of serious
this formula works wonders
a gift from araby


looking for the spiritual equivalent of oxygen
hide in plain sight
does this make any sense?


Practical Associations

Practical Associations contemplates human relationships, through the influence of culture. By exploring various means of communication, the work examines the way we understand and present ourselves, and the structures acted out within our relationships.

Culture and social ideologies inform us, while socialization affects the way we understand ourselves. Although everyone is influenced by culture, it can be unclear how these influences manifest, or why certain relational dynamics persist despite attempts to work beyond them. Practical Associations is an act of translation, by using imagery and phrases from literature and popular culture such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Francesca Lia Block, Spider-Man, and David Hockney as starting points. Information from disparate sources is interpreted and mixed together to create this body of work.

In addition to source imagery, self-portraiture plays an important role in this work. The self-portrait or “double” is an attempt to record a history, or to leave a trace. Within a poetic and social framework, a persona is created, and its potential is explored.

Each print in this series is either 22 x 30 inches (55 x 75 cm) or 30 x 42 inches (75 x 105 cm) and is screen printed on Stonehenge paper. All images are part of a small edition of 10 or less. This body of work was created in 2004. Click here to view an installation shot.

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