B.P.'s Life
A Healthy Attitude
A Jackknife is a Tool
Tug of War Grip
The Motto
Make a Working Model
A Process of Change
Blindfold Feeding
Measuring a Distance
Following a Bearing
Two Half-Hitches
The Promise
Understanding Space
Right on Track



"I have had the luck to lead two distinct lives."
-Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of the Boy Scout movement

This series of prints stem from my twelve years of participation in the Scouting movement. My experiences with Scouting took place during the formative stages of my life and have deeply affected the way in which I view the world today. I find myself continually returning to the ideas and ideals of Scouting; what I have learned, how I have changed and what influence these teachings have had on me. The Scouting movement has shaped the way I relate with people, nature and my environment.

This work deals directly with sex, gender and sexuality in relation to boy culture and its various manifestations. There is a continual struggle between the boy I was expected to be, and the person I am today. In my work I reassess current notions of masculinity and boyhood.

Both the imagery in the work, and the fact that the images are prints, deal with repetition. This decision relates to the way in which Boy Scouts are often reduced to little more than clones in uniform, expected to follow obediently. The uniform erases individual identity and allows for a "universal" experience. The repetitive nature of prints reflects the repetitive nature of many Scouting rituals, for example, the recitation of the Scout Promise at all meetings. With the influence of Scouting, I work to create a cohesive understanding of my ever changing reality.

Each print in this series is 14 x 14.5 inches (36 x 37 cm), and is either an etching or etching/monoprint combination on Arches paper. This body of work was created in 1999.

Some of these prints can be seen on the Queer Arts Resource website and also in the book Revolutionary Voices, edited by Amy Sonnie.

These prints are not for sale.