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A War for Those Who Hear the Whisper


Sissies and Psychopaths

Sissies and Psychopaths is a collaborative suite of prints examining popular representations of queer sexuality through the eyes of child. These collage-based screen prints are evidence of a conversation between artists Peter Kingstone and Daryl Vocat. In creating this work the artists respond to one another in a playful manner, each addressing their own histories and understandings of growing up, and developing a queer sensibility. From dragons and death metal, to disco balls and pin-ups, a varied world of queer archetypes emerges.

Sissies and Psychopaths questions notions of childhood self-awareness, of being and becoming queer, and of a person’s sexuality being biologically determined. By liberally adopting photos and illustrations from movies, music, and comic books as their own Kingstone and Vocat suggest that queerness is as much about an understanding of the world, as it is about sexual identity. By abusing and mixing up iconic imagery even the most aggressively and arguably heterosexual become at least a little bit queer.

Each print in this series is 22 x 30 inches and is screen printed on Somerset paper. All images are part of a small editions of less than 10. This body of work was created in 2010.

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