Slow Degrees

How much can you really know a person? Anyone. How long will each fleeting glimpse last? A few seconds, minutes, an hour, maybe a day. How long will you have together? Will you treasure these moments? Can you lose track of where your body ends and anotherís begins? Will you even recognize me? Slow Degrees ventures to stop time, to capture the transitory in image and word.

Moments in time fade, while words and descriptions of them linger. In an attempt to communicate and record experiences we use verbal language. We often see the world and our place in it by the telling of stories and accounts of the people in our lives. We make things up to describe that which is beyond comprehension. The pieces we put together build our histories, our lives. Our interpretations act as evidence as we build truths. The fragile words we speak become records of things past.

The language we use to communicate can work in contrast to our intentions. In an effort to retain and describe an event it becomes reduced. Our words can only be part of the whole and not the thing itself. An experience cannot be fully described through the phrases imposed upon it; words cannot replace actual sensations. Words are placed delicately for outside interpretation.

Bonds to others act as markers which position us in a larger realm of existence. Our territory is determined through our relations. Perhaps in order to find out exactly who we are we must forget what we think we are. Through the acceptance of vulnerability we strive to attain a greater understanding of the things that make us human.

Each etching in this series is 4 x 6 inches, and is printed on a 16 x 20 inch sheet of Arches paper. This body of work was created in 1999.