June 20, 2017

-Opening this Friday, June 23 from 6-10 pm, I have some work in an exhibition titled Postcard, curated by Patrick Macaulay at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. The show is displayed in a set of vitrines, and is a collection of works responding to the theme of travel. The exhibition will run until September 17. Postcard is one of several exhibitions running concurrently throughout Harbourfront Centre.

-Also currently on display until August 6 in Wichita, Kansas at the Ulrich Museum of Art is my exhibition The Secret of the Midnight Shadow, curated by Sally Frater. Very excited to work with Sally again to mount my first solo exhibition in a Museum. Great thanks to everyone at the Ulrich who worked on making this exhibition come together.

February 13, 2017

-Now available through my studio Middle Path Prints is a newly published screenprint edition by Suzanne Nacha. You can get one of the edition prints, or variations, right here!

suzanne nacha screenprint

January 27, 2017

-I wrote an exhibition essay for Sirkku Ketola's upcoming exhibition, A Body Called Paula, at Open Studio. The show will run from February 16, 2017 – March 18, 2017. With an opening reception on February 16, 2017 – 6:30 - 8:30 PM.

401 Richmond Street West, Suite #104. Toronto, Ontario

You can read the full text here, on the Open Studio website, or grab a printed version in the gallery during the run of the show.

October 1, 2016

-Canada and Japan Internation Print Exhibtion 2016, is a large group print exhibition taking place in Kyoto and Tokushima, Japan. I have a couple of pieces included in this exhibition co-curated by April Dean and Liz Ingram of Edmonton, Alberta, along with the Kyoto Print Exhibition Exectutive Committee. More information about the exhibiton can be found here. With travel assistance from Canada Council for the Arts I have the great pleasure to attend the exhibition, the opening reception, artist talks, and also to present on a panel titled Creative Identity Within the Global Print Movement.

August 21, 2016

-A Little Bit of Infinity is on right now at University of Alberta Museums Galleries at Enterprise Square in Edmonton. I have a suite of etchings in the exhibition I made while on Residency at St. Michael's Printshop in St. John's, Nfld. "A Little Bit of Infinity, presented in two parts, features works of art from the University of Alberta Museums Art Collection that celebrates the art, artists, collections and collectors on the continuum of printmaking. Part one explores the roots of printmaking in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada, and part two presents an international perspective, both historical and contemporary."


-Tomorrow Never Happens is an upcoming group exhibition I have a piece in. The exhibition is at Samek Art Museum, part of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. "The artworks in this exhibition represent a diverse range of sexes and sexualities, gender identities and expressions, national origins, and aesthetic sensibilities. Each work speaks with its own voice and they point down many possible paths to queer futurity. In some works, sexuality and sexual imagery are exposed as politics. Some works invoke collective strength and a sense of shared destiny. And others code utopian messages into history, mythology, and culture. Together, they suggest that our best hope may be to queer the future."

April 25, 2016

-My Studio has a newly redesigned website. I'm keeping it simple!

-In the fall I'll be following some of my prints to Kytoto, Japan thanks to a travel grant from The Canada Council. Co-curators April Dean and Liz Ingram have put together the exhibition International Print Exhibition: Canada and Japan. This exhibition takes place at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in Kyoto, Japan. In conjunction with the exhibition, the museum will also produce an exhibition catalogue, a symposium and gallery talks.

February 4, 2016

-A short video was recently completed by a friend of mine. Have a look if you want to see me talk about stuff!

July 15, 2015

-New adventures on the way. I've been working away at a pretty big project. I'm in the midst of setting up a screen printing studio in Toronto. In short, Middle Path Prints is a screen printing studio, and an art production facility operated by Daryl Vocat. It is a place for learning and making. As artists ourselves we have experience and understanding while still recognizing the value of technical proficiency. We offer fine art production, custom printing and editioning services, instruction in screen printing, and we publish limited edition art.

I have a beginner's website which will get a nice makeover soon. You can 'like' the studio on Facebook, or you can follow on Twitter. If you are really keen you can do both!

June 27, 2015

-Just finished installing a new banner, titled Personal Fitness, as part of the PrideHouseTO pavilion at The 519 on Church Street here in Toronto.

In this work, Personal Fitness, he seeks to explore ideas of queerness, visibility and inclusion in sport. Vocat looks at the often complicated relationship between sexuality and athletic culture, while at the same time recognizing the important roles sporting and sport-related communities play in our lives.

The three characters visible in the work embody moments between the personal and the performative. The weightlifter poses in his leather harness, standing somewhere between fetish and competition. The wheel chair basketball player, determined and confident is ready to compete. The boxer binds their chest in an intimate moment of preparation.

“As an artist I am interested in making work that is inviting and lively, but also invites deeper conversation and questioning. To that end I often work with familiar images, ideas or styles to engage an audience. I take what is familiar and play with the expectations that come along with information we know.

In the past I have made work exploring ideas of sport and its relationship to masculinity, intimacy, violence, and competition. While my work often critical, I am not interested in simply dismissing the arena of sport for its problems. Instead, I am interested in widening the ideas of sport and its relation to culture, celebrating different way to be active, fit and involved in communities that sometimes seem at odds with the lives of LGBTQ people. I aim to be critical while also acknowledging and valuing the spirit of sporting as a form of self-improvement and joy.”

photo by Richard Rhyme, 2015


January 24, 2015

-I owe a huge thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for awarding me a Mid-Career arts grant. I always feel so priviledged to get project funds when I can, and am very happy to spend more time in the studio.

-I've been writing a bit about art stuff on a new blog called In-Class Critique. I haven't been following a specific publishing schedule, but like doing the work.

-Recently finished a really fun screen printing job for the 2015 edition of The 8Fest, small-guage film festival. This included printing posters, festival guide covers and ticket stubs; all designed by GB Jones. A real honour to work with some great folks.

September 7, 2014

-Conversations In Silence, an exhibition of new work opens Friday, September 12 at Open Studio in the Print Sales Gallery.

Open Studio
Print Sales Gallery

Conversations In Silence
September 12, 2014 - October 18, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, September 12, 6:30-8:30PM

401 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, ON.

Gallery hours; Tue-Sat, noon-5PM

Project supported by the Ontario Arts Council

June 17, 2014

-Truth and Consequences is the name of a 3-person exhibition I'm in at Anya Tish Gallery in Houston. Very pleased to be included in this event that coincides with Print Houston 2014. The exhibition runs until July 3, so if you are in the area be sure to stop by!

Raluca Iancu, Samantha Parker Salazar and Daryl Vocat
May 30, 2014 - July 3, 2014
4411 Montrose
Houston, Texas 77006

-Wrapping things up. The big news is that in mid-July I will no longer be employed by Open Studio. I've been on staff there just under 7 years. I've been involved with the studio in many different capacities over the last decade. And well, I guess things change.

December 15, 2013

-Super happy to have been invited to make a set of banners for the front of the Regina Public Library, central location. This year Regina hosted the Grey Cup. The library and Dunlop Gallery organized this banner project to coincide with all the festivities. The banners are up for a couple months. Thanks so much Regina!

November 15, 2013

-In the window. I have an installation currently on display in the Convenience Gallery window space. It's a space that's seen all kinds of great art.

In this work I wanted to create something that rides the line between the disconcerting and the humorous. Layered sets of screen-printed legs comprise an unclear narrative. A dense grouping of feet without motion conjures up a chorus of sound from hard-soled shoes. However, the feet hover without grounding, thwarting their footsteps.

convenience is a window gallery that provides an opening for art that engages, experiments, and takes risks with the architectural, urban, and civic realm.

24/7 window gallery
58 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto ON M6K 2V9
(at Seaforth Avenue, one block North of Queen)


July 11, 2013

-Recent articles. When Peter and I showed in Edmonton two articles were written about our work. One was in the Edmonton Journal, and the other was in Vue Weekly.

-Old news. A while back I wrote the exhibition brochure for Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret's show at Open Studio.

-And finally... here is the exhbition brochure for the What Lies Beneath show at Open Studio.

March 29, 2013

-Two upcoming shows! I'm going to have some new work at Open Studio in a Members' group show. What Lies Beneath features work by six Open Studio artist members interpreting the theme of urban myths, both broadly and specifically. An urban myth is an apocryphal story that circulates on the margins of society, often incorporating elements of mystery, horror, or humour, which although extreme in detail are just plausible enough to be believed as true. Passed down from individual to individual, urban myths are of indeterminate origin, yet are generally attributed to a reliable second-hand source – “a friend of a friend” – which lends them validity. They play on our collective fears of the perceived dangers that lurk on the edges of our communities beyond our control, especially where and when social rules are transgressed. Incorporating printerly strategies of replication and repetition, these artists engage narrative visions of the social environment that hover between truth and fiction, history and myth. 

Below is a quick snapshot of my work, Pack Ramble, in progress

What Lies Beneath
Featuring: Laura Bydlowska, Susan Cunningham, Jae Lee, Liz Menard, Jennie Suddick and Daryl Vocat 
April 4 - May 11, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8
Phone/Fax: 416-504-8238

-Edmonton! I'm excited to have my second show at SNAP Gallery. This time around I'm showing some collaborative work I made with my good friend, Peter Kingstone.

We have been close friends for 10 years meeting on the dance floor at a Lola Magazine party at Lee’s Palace with the question; “I don’t know if you like boys? But you are really cute.” We have appeared sporadically in each other’s work but this is the first time we have worked together. Sissies and Psychopaths began as a project requisitioned by the Hamilton Print Studio asking for a show responding to what it means to be gay. The project starts with the question “What was gay like when I was 5?” The prints respond with dragons and unicorns, death metal and prince, He-Man and cross-dressing, moustaches and monkeys.

Sissies and Psychopaths
April 4th – May 11th, 2013
Opening Reception April 5th, 7–9pm
Artist Talk April 5th, 7pm

SNAP Gallery 10123 – 121 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5N 3W9

March 10, 2013

-One Continuous Mistake now open at White Water Gallery in North Bay. If you are in the area, go have a look!

March 8, 2013 – April 21, 2013

White Water Gallery
143 Main St W
North Bay,ON P1B 3W7


October 4, 2012

-Upcoming group exhibition. I'll be showing some work at Highpoint Center for Printmaking starting at the end of October. I'm showing along with 3 other Open Studio artists in an exhibition titled Playing With the Dark. The exhibition includes work by Shannon Gerard, Laine Groeneweg, Jennie Suddick and Daryl Vocat, and is curated by Open Studio director Jennifer Bhogal. Exciting!

Playing With The Dark
Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, MN
October 26 – November 24, 2012
Opening Reception & Curator’s Talk: October 26, 6:30 pm

-Art Toronto is also quickly approaching, and I'll have some work there too. For the second year in a row, Open Studio's Print Sales Gallery will be at Art Toronto. From October 26-29, 2012, come visit Booth 100 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Exhibit Hall A & B 255 Front Street West. Open Studio will be presenting a selection of work focusing on narrative imagery in printmaking, curated by Astrid Ho, Print Sales Manager and Archivist.

August 13, 2012

-Hitting the road. I'm off to Regina for a show at The Dunlop Art Gallery. This is my first solo show in Regina since I moved away more than a decade ago. I've been wanting to show at The Dunlop for longer than that, so it feels like a milestone. Hope to see you there! There is also information below about a great event for kids the gallery has organized; fake camping, real tents!

Daryl Vocat - The Secret of the Midnight Shadow
Organized by the Dunlop Art Gallery
Curator: Blair Fornwald
August 18th - October 25th

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 18 at 1:00 pm

Sherwood Village Gallery
6121 Rochdale Blvd.
Tel: (306) 777-6040

The forest is a liminal space, undergoing a transformation each evening. Tranquil during the day, at night it is shadowy, mysterious, sometimes frightening. It is this forest, the site of "horror films, black magic and mythology" DV that Vocat has created, and populated, in The Secret of the Midnight Shadow. Vocat's forest is inhabited with figures that are also in a liminal state: they are illustrations lifted from Boy Scout manuals, manipulated, enlarged and redrawn life size. Liberated from the safe narratives of the instructive texts they spring from, they are thrown into a space of ambiguity. It's a dark place, but also an exciting one, where a world of possibility emerges - figures shapeshift as new identities are tried on, allegiances and fierce friendships are formed, and the anarchic spirit thrives, protected by the darkness of the night.

Gallery Camp Out: Shadows, Forests and Tall Tales

Saturday, August 25, 1:30-3:00 PM
Sherwood Village Branch

Enjoy the interior world of artist Daryl Vocat, in this mysterious, playful and surprising installation at the Dunlop's Sherwood Village Gallery. We will enjoy shadow puppetry, flashlights and some fireside tales in this make believe camp out with real tents. Great for ages 6+.


June 16, 2012

-Just posted. Loads of new images...A new series of photos documenting a banner project exhibited in Denmark during the Summer of 2011 on invitation by ET4U, Contemporary Visual Art Projects. The whole series is made up of 26 images that were posted at 13 spots throughout the villages of Sdr. Nissum and Nees, Denmark.

-Playing the Game is a recent series of etchings I started making during a residency at St. Michael's Printshop in St. John's, Newfoundland. The series is made up of 20 pieces, and was also created in-part at Toronto's Open Studio.

-One Continuous Mistake, was an exhibition I had at KWT Contemporary. It was made of cut aluminum pieces, inkjet photographs, etchings, screen prints and pyjamas.

-Chris Dupuis wrote an article in Xtra! about my show, One Continuous Mistake, at KWT Contemporary.

May 20, 2012

-Another Toronto show! I'm showing a suite of collaborative screen prints I made with Peter Kingstone at Open Studio in the George Gilmour Members' Gallery. The show is presented in partnership with Toronto's Inside Out queer film festival.

Sissies & Psychopaths is a collaborative suite of prints examining popular representations of queer sexuality through a child’s eyes. These screenprints are evidence of a conversation between artists Kingstone and Vocat — responding to one another in a playful manner, addressing their histories and understandings of growing up and developing a queer sensibility. From dragons and death metal, to disco balls and pin-ups, a varied world of queer archetypes emerges. By adopting pop culture imagery as their own, the artists suggest that queerness is as much about an understanding of the world as it is about sexual identity.

Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104
Toronto, ON.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 25, 7-9PM
Show runs: May 25 - June 23, 2012
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12- 5PM

February 5, 2012

-Toronto show! I've got a bunch of new work that will be showing together as One Continuous Mistake at KWT Contemporary in late February. The gallery is broken up into two spaces. I'll be showing on the lower level and Fiona Crangle will be showing on the upper level. I hope to see you there! Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council for their generous support.

One Continuous Mistake
February 23 - March 31, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb 23. 6:00 - 8:00PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 - 6:00PM

KWT Contemporary
624 Richmond St. West
Toronto, ON.

December 27, 2011

-New year, new show...in New York City! I'll be showing a collection of etchings and screen prints titled Playing the Game, at the Blackburn 20/20 Gallery. The Gallery is part of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, and is housed in the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

The exhibition runs from: January 19th - February 2, 2012. The opening reception will be on Thursday 19th Jan, 6:00 - 8:00

The gallery is located at:

323 West 39th Street,
3rd Floor New York NY 10018

Hope to see you there!

December 19, 2011

-Troubled Maculinities: Reimagining Urban Men is a new book edited by Ken Moffatt. It's published by the University of Toronto Press and includes a chapter about my art. This book has been a long time in the making, so it's exciting to see it come alive as a real published thing!

October 28, 2011

-Collected! New York Public Library Print Collection Acquires Daryl Vocat’s The Old Guard Is Dead!

Maison Kasini is pleased to announce that the New York Public Library Print Collection has acquired Daryl Vocat‘s “The Old Guard Is Dead!” series.

The holdings of the New York Public Library’s Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs include a broad spectrum of prints and photographs that date from the origins of each medium to the present day. The acquisition of Daryl Vocat’s “The Old Guard Is Dead!” series represents a growing international awareness of Canadian printmaking.

The purchase is a significant acknowledgement of Vocat’s artwork. In Summer 2011, Vocat’s work was also one of seven international artists featured in a special outdoor exhibition called “Nom de Code 7″ at La 7e Biennale international d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières.

“At a time when contemporary art struggles to reach a broad audience, struggles to be relevant to our society-at-large, Daryl is one of those few artists whose practice is solidly about communication. He works from a place of identity but his work is not solely about identity. He uses bold colours to excite and engage the viewer. He appropriates imagery from the visual vernacular as a way of putting the viewer at ease, but then, he laces the work with profound observations of contemporary life. Few artists working today can present work that is both deep and accessible,” said Maison Kasini Director Ric Kasini Kadour.

In January and February 2011, Galerie Maison Kasini exhibited selections from Vocat’s “The Translator’s Conundrum” series, “Rules of the Playground” series, and “Practical Associations” series as well as “A Boy’s Will” and “Pact for Adventure“. The gallery also published Awkward Moments, a catalog of Vocat’s work.

Daryl Vocat’s prints are viewable by appointment at Galerie Maison Kasini and online here.

June10, 2011

-Nom de code_7, is an outdoor exhibition of digital art at the Biennale Internationale D'Estampe Contemporaine Trois-Rivieres that I have some work in. The exhibition will be up until September 4, 2011.

-ET4U is a contemporary art association in rural Denmark. They organize yearly outdoor banner exhibitions. This year I was lucky enough to be invited to make a set of banners That go up on July 1, 2011. There will be a total of 13 banners, each with 2 images. The banners will be exhibited in two neighbouring villages from July 1 - October 14, 2011. Below is one of the banner images.


January 18, 2011

-Awkward Moments, is the title of my current show in Montreal, and also my catalogue produced by Maison Kasini. I'm pleased to say you can buy it directly from the gallery. Please do.

January 7, 2011

-New body of work posted! Sissies and Psychopaths is a series of prints I made collaboratively with Peter Kingstone. They were first shown at The Print Studio in Hamilton in an exhibition curated by Sally Frater.


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