Number 439, August 23, 2001

Punks: Limp Wrist recruits
By: Daryl Vocat

Limp Wrist serves up punk music that's straight edge and bent out of its mind.

The US punk band Limp Wrist play do-it-yourself hardcore, but it's anything but your
typical hardcore band.

Limp Wrist started out as an all queer, all straight edge band, meaning that
none of them smoke, drink or do drugs. Lead singer Martin Sorrondeguy says
the band's original line-up "really played with the straight edge thing and
with the queer thing, which pushed a lot of the boundaries about being punk,
queer and straight edge, challenging every different scene."

You would never guess such a sweet-sounding boy like Sorrondeguy could yell
with such intensity.

With members in New York, California and Pennsylvania, Limp Wrist needs to
plan their shows very carefully; the Toronto Vazaleen show on Fri, Aug 24,
is a special treat.

Sorrondeguy comes from the band Los Crudos; guitarist Mark Telfian from Eucharist,
drummer Paul Henry from Devoid Of Faith and bass player Andrew Martini from
Kill The Man Who Questions. With such talent it seems almost impossible to
have a bad band.

A queer, straight edge band is a welcome change from other outfits which
often seem to confuse straight edge with being just plain straight. Since
the band's inception, Limp Wrist's line up has changed slightly and not
everyone is queer or straight edge. Sorrondeguy says it's not so important
anymore to be recognized as straight edge, but it is important for their
queerness to be up front.

When Limp Wrist refers to its music as punk, it's not easily confused with
the sound of mainstream punk bands. Limp Wrist comes out of bands such as
Born Against, Manumission, Econochrist and countless others who tour around
in broken down old vans, put out their own music on vinyl, sleep on people's
floors, play all ages shows in basements, and who work to see a better

The music is fast and furious and is born out of anger and urgency, but Limp
Wrist even put a twist on that, adding a healthy does of humour.

Limp Wrist is on the margins of the margins. The band members set themselves
apart from the world of hardcore because they are queer, and from the world
of queer because they are hardcore. Sorrondeguy says that he "couldn't care
less about being accepted by the queer community because there have always
been people [I have] found commonalities with, people who don't stereotypically
fit into the gay community."

Rather than feeling defeated by differences, Sorrondeguy says he feels
comfortable in the margins, "helping empower queer people who seek a
lifestyle outside of the mainstream."

Perhaps Winnipeg punks Propagandhi sum it up best when they state that,

"better lives have been lived in the margins, locked in the prisons and lost on the gallows than have ever been enshrined in palaces."

The members of Limp Wrist seem to recognize the value of self-criticism, but
also because they are working to make sure the revolution will be sexy and
fun. Sorrondeguy and his crew are sure to add a lot of excitement to an
already great event.
See you in the pit!

Vazaleen this month is a week early (Fri. Aug 24) and is hosted by Suzy Richter and features unitard wrestling.